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Life choices like a career, should be made from observation not theory.

We connect students and professionals through short-term work.

 Read why we’re doing this and what we stand for. 

We match professionals who need local help, with students looking to explore careers. All we need are a few simple things.

The Assistance

Where are you going?

Tell us what city you will be traveling to. We will match you with a local university student ready to help.

When and for how long?

This allows us to match you with students who have the availability, and let’s them secure the time.

What will you need help with?

Pick in advance from a specific list of services that you will need. We match with students who can deliver.

The Exchange

Meet for coffee.

In exchange for local assistance, you can dedicate some time to talk to them about your career or job.

Introduce them to others.

Consider connecting the student with someone you think they might benefit from speaking to.

Offer your superpower.

Agree to look over the student’s goals, business idea, or just offer them some of your expertise.

You’re awesome, and you have so much to offer.

Make your next trip simpler.

And make a difference.

Join the movement