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Life choices like a career, should be made from observation not theory.

We connect students and professionals through short-term work.

 Our Mission

If you look at what people studied, and then you look at what they do, you’ll find that often, people’s studies seem to have little to do with their careers.

And yet, studies, are exactly what many students base their future decisions on.

We think that by going out into the world and meeting real people doing real jobs – students can make more informed decisions about their futures. Oh, and we want them to make a little money while they’re at it too.


Our Plan

We’re not just trying to invent “internships”, we know they exist. But an internship is a fairly serious commitment, so there’s a lot of thought that goes into that decision.

But what about discovery, curiosity, and exploration?

The way we see it, there’s a huge opportunity. Every professional has a story and real valid experiences that can help a student connect the classroom to real life. And every student has some skills to offer, some way to be of assistance.

We plan to connect both those groups, for a week, a day or even an hour.

We’re starting with business travel because there are very predictable challenges. Challenges that local students can easily solve.

So give what you have.

Make a difference

Join the movement

 Our Name

To pilot something is to test something out. To put it into the world and expose it to all the realities of life. It’s an experiment and an idea. Often it’s not fully developed, like a paper plane, it’s just a shadow of what it may become in the future. And yet, it’s brave. Because in all it’s roughness, it’s out there, learning, growing, discovering and feeling.

We hope to create the opportunities for students to pilot things too. To explore careers, passions, and ideas. So that when they start to figure out who they will become, they’ll be a little more informed, connected, and in touch with the realities of life.


The name also stands for our beliefs as a company that we too need to be brave and exploratory. We are out there testing, listening, learning and discovering how to create a better organization and a better future. This website and service will change the more we learn and the more you use it. If we messed something up, please tell us. If we did something right, please tell us. And if there’s something that you think we can do, please tell us.


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